Board of Directors

The  Midwest Poultry Federation Board of Directors represents 11 member poultry organizations. These people volunteer their time to maintain a strong MPF and to ensure a successful annual convention.

All proceeds generated by the MPF Convention are donated to various poultry organizations for research and educational activities as well as back to MPF’s member organizations listed below.

Officers for 2018-19 and 2019-20

  • Greg Nelson (President)
    Kansas Poultry Association
  • Ben Thompson (Vice President)
    Illinois Poultry Industries Council 

  • Scott Waldner (Secretary / Treasurer)
    Chicken & Egg Association of Minnesota


Representative TBD
Iowa Poultry Association

Pete Rothfork
Minnesota Turkey Research
& Promotion Council

Bill Claybaugh
Nebraska Poultry Industries

Bob Drake
South Dakota Poultry Industries Association

Nick Levendoski
Wisconsin Poultry & Egg Association

Louis Arrington
Director Emeritus

Sandi Hofmann
Allied Representative, Aviagen Turkeys

Ross Thoreson
Allied Representative, Best Veterinary Solutions

Kerry Trambaugh
Indiana Poultry Association

Dr. R.M. “Mick” Fulton
Michigan Allied Poultry Industries

Bruce Eastlund (Past President)
Allied Representative, ILC Resources

2019 Diamond, Platinum & Gold Sponsors

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