Education Program


2018 Education Program

Use the following links to view the MPF education program. Note the NEW schedule of workshops. Your favorite workshops may be on a different day and/or different time!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 — 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

MPF & NCADC Joint Poultry Nutrition and Health Symposium
Dr. Michael Lilburn, Chairperson, Ohio State University
Dr Curtis Novak, Industry Partner, Purina Feeds

The Brave New World of a Poultry Nutritionist |  Mr. John Halley, Cargill

Protozoal Diseases – Status of Coccidiosis and Blackhead  |  Brian Jordan, University of Georgia

Antibiotic Rearing and Diet Programs in Europe  |  Bart Swart, Royal Agriform Group

Tuesday, March 13, 2018— 3:15 – 5:15 p.m.

Simmering Issues Workshop
Dr. Ken Koelkebeck, Chairperson, University of Illinois
Paul Brennan, Industry Partner, Indiana Poultry Industries

Egg Industry Statistics & Challenges of Transitioning to Cage-Free Egg Production | Mr. Maro Ibarburu, Iowa State University

The Use of Antibiotics in the Poultry Industry | Dr. Hector Cervantes, University of Georgia

How Social Media & Online Opinions Affect Consumer Attitudes | Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Animal Agriculture Alliance

Turkey Breeder Workshop
Dr. Julie Long, Chairperson, USDA-ARS
Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Industry Partner, Hybrid Turkeys

Turkey Breeder/Hatchery Challenges: Present and Future | Gerald Duncan, Cargill

Troubleshooting AI on the Turkey Breeder Farm | Dr. Murray Bakst

Measuring Turkey Breeding Success   |  Tom Knapp, Hybrid Turkeys

Broiler Production Workshop
Dr. Jon Moyle, Chairperson, University of Maryland
Dr. Carrie Cremers, Industry Partner, Pilgrim’s Pride

Gut Health & Coccidiosis | Dr. Audrey McElroy, Texas A&M University

Water Quality & Cleaning Lines |  Mary Katherine Foy, Proxy-Clean Products

Animal Welfare  | Karen Christensen, Tyson Foods

Wednesday, March 14, 2018— 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Turkey Grower Workshop
Mr. Ron Kean, Chairperson, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Brian McComb, Industry Partner, Elanco

Getting the Most Out of Your Diagnostic Lab  |  Saad Gharaibeh BVM, PhD, Dip ACPV, UM-VDL MN Poultry Testing Lab

NPIP Biosecurity Principles  |  Dale C. Lauer DVM, Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Paying Attention to Detail – Raising Turkeys Without Antibiotics |  Mr. John Menges, Best Veterinary Solutions

Pullet/Layer Health Workshop
Dr. Yuko Sato, Chairperson, Iowa State University
Dr. Eric Gingerich, Industry Partner, Diamond V

Gut Health Investigation & Intervention in Layers |  Dan Wilson, DVM, Wilson Veterinary Co.

Key Global Health Issues in Cage-Free/Organic Laying Hens | Ian Rubinoff, DVM, MPH, DACPV, Hy-Line International

Internal & External Parasite Control Methods for Egg Layers | Ivan R. Alvarado, DVM, Merck Global Business Unit-Poultry

Meat & Egg Processing Workshop
Dr. Dong Ahn, Chairperson, Iowa State University
Mr. Brian Joyer, Industry Partner, Sparboe

Improvement of Chilling Efficiency & Product Quality of Broiler Carcasses Using Subzero Saline Solutions for Chilling  |  Dr. Ike Kang,Cal Poly State University

New Uses of Egg Proteins | Dr. Jianpin Wu, University of Alberta

Woody Breast in the Poultry Meat Industry | Dr. Casey Owens, University of Arkansas

Organic and Speciality Poultry Production Workshop
Dr. Jacqueline Jacob, Chairperson, University of Kentucky
Mr. Nick Levandowski, Industry Partner, Organic Valley

Cleaning & Disinfecting on an Organic Poultry Farm |  Dr. Gregory Martin, Pennsylvania State University

Algae Products in Organic Poultry Diets |  Dr. Lizza Macalintal, University of Kentucky

Ventilation of Poultry Houses with Outdoor Access |  Dr. Brian Fairchild, University of Georgia

Thursday, March 15, 2018 — 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Turkey Health Workshop
Dr. Robert Beckstead, Chairperson, North Carolina State University

The Future of Coccidiosis Control in Turkeys | Steven Clark, DVM, Devenish Nutrition

Animal Welfare & Audits in Turkey Production | Ms. Collette Kaster, PAACO

The current status of Turkey Reoviral Arthritis / Tenosynovitis | Rob Porter, DVM, University of Minnesota

Pullet & Layer Egg Production Workshop
Dr. Ken Anderson, Chairperson, North Carolina State University
Mr. Brent Swanson, Industry Partner, Elanco

Vaccines | Katie Schlist, DVM, Forsman Farms

Genetic Selection |  Frans Van Sambeek, Hendrix-Genetics, Hendrix-Genetics

Cage-Free Production | Erika Blair, Big Dutchman USA