Fellowship Breakfast

Thursday, March 16, 2017  |  7:30 am – 9:00 am

Location: Saint Paul RiverCentre

Cost: $35.00 per person  (Limited quantities and space; availability cannot be guaranteed onsite)

MPF Welcomes Robert D. Saik as Keynote Speaker of the 2017 Fellowship Breakfast

Robert Saik, Founder of The Agri-Trend® Group of Companies (now part of Trimble Navigation), is a Professional Agrologist and a Certified Agricultural Consultant.Robert Saik | 2017 Fellowship Breakfast speaker | Midwest Poultry Federation Convention #MPF17

He is a passionate keynote speaker addressing audiences on the importance of modern agriculture. His 2014 TEDx talk, entitled “Will Agriculture be ALLOWED to feed 9 Billion People” is a popular on-line reference and has been viewed over 90,000 times.

As a professional agrologist who works with all types of farming operations, Robert is in a unique position to observe what is going on both in agriculture and society at large.  He travels a lot, so he see things especially in urban markets…he is a techie, so he’s in-touch with trends and is connected to agriculture directly, providing him with a unique perspective on what constitutes the perception vs the reality of modern agriculture.
Since the dawn of agriculture, man has been genetically modifying plants and animals to better provide food.  This technological evolution continues today in the form of Bio-Engineering.
There is a “disconnect” with what is going on at the farm; how technology is being used and what people “think” is going on at the farm.  It’s time to change the conversation from NO GMO to KNOW GMO.  It’s time to stop shouting and start listening.  And it’s time we had an uplifting discussion about food.

Rob will also take us on a quick journey showing how farmers are integrating technology to feed a growing world population.  He will touch on exponentially, robotics, artificial intelligence, sensor integration, bio synthesis (GE and GMO), data systems and environment sustainability.

You will walk away with a sense that, in spite of what the media reports, things are actually pretty good and getting better all the time.

About Robert

In his capacity as Founder and now Global Business Development for Agri-Trend, Robert has been involved in the development of many new business processes and spearheaded several advancements in technology integration in agriculture including the development of The Agri-Data® Solution which was a winner of Alberta’s 2002 E-business of the Year for on-line farm data management as well as 2015 Ag Innovation of the Year Award by Agri-Trade Show.

In addition to being a keen entrepreneur, Rob’s technical strengths lie in soil chemistry, plant physiology and crop nutrition.

Agri-Trend was recognized as a 2012 & 2014 Western Regional Canada Top 50 Best Managed Company and was recognized by Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s 2013 top 25 Most Innovative Organizations.

He is the creator of The Agri-Prize contest series, a skills based incentive competition for agriculture and launched The Canola 100 Agri-Prize in July 2015 which is a collaboration with Agri-Trend, John Deere and Glacier FarmMedia.

Robert was awarded the 2014 Canadian Agri-Marketer of the Year by the Canadian Association of Agricultural Marketers.

Robert is also the author of an Amazon 2014 Best of Books, “The Agriculture Manifesto” – 10 Key Drivers That Will Shape Agriculture in the next Decade. His is also the publisher of The AgADVANCE Journal, 2014 Western Trade Journal of the Year.

He is the Executive Producer of KNOW GMO the MOVIE a full feature movie project looking at the advancements of technology use in agriculture. This global, film festival quality documentary will be “an uplifting discussion about food” and is currently being filmed with planned release for the spring of 2016.

He has travelled extensively through North America, South America, the EU, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East as well as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan working on technology integration and agriculture advancements.

Rob serves on several boards and is a member of many professional associations. In 2006 he was recognized as Distinguished Agrologist of the Year by the Alberta Institute of Agrology.

He is passionate about pursuing business opportunities in the Agricultural Sector.

  • Twitter – @RSaik
  • Other Twitter Feeds @AgriTrend @AgriData @AgriPrize @AgManifesto @knowGMOmovie
  • www.AGRI-TREND.com
  • www.Agri-Data.net
  • www.Agri-Prize.com
  • www.TheAgAVANCE.com
  • www.AgManifesto.com
  • www.knowGMOtheMOVIE.com

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