Exhibitor Registration & Hotels


An email to all exhibiting companies will be sent November 1 with instructions on how to register your booth personnel.

A badge is required to gain access into the trade show. 

NOTE: Complimentary pre-registration is available for your company paid personnel only. Any manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consultants, etc. working in your booth will be required to pay the appropriate non-exhibiting attendee registration fee (NO EXCEPTIONS). Noncompliance may result in sanctions, including but not limited to expulsion, loss of booth space and loss of priority placement for future booth assignments.

If you fail to pre-register your booth personnel, there will be an onsite fee of $50 per badge. Badge pick-up will be available at the MPF registration desk. No badges will be mailed.


Hotel reservations for the 2019 MPF Convention are not available yet – MPF will email all confirmed exhibitors this fall with details on when the hotel blocks open. 

IMPORTANT: Our hotel blocks are based on the amount of hotel rooms picked up from last year and we have a legal and financial obligation to ll those blocks. Overbooking hotel rooms by exhibiting companies affects the availability of hotel rooms for attendees and is, in fact, a disincentive for attendees to make plans to come to the MPF Convention. We urge you to review your hotel needs carefully and book only the hotel rooms you will need for your company. Likewise, overbooking and then cancelling rooms at the last minute costs MPF money in attrition fees. While we trust that you will take into consideration your actual hotel needs when booking your rooms, MPF will be monitoring our hotel room blocks closely and if we continue to have issues with attrition fees, this may affect both your priority points and booth rates for future years.

MPF room blocks are based on the number of rooms reserved and picked up at the previous year’s convention. Please only book the rooms you need for the 2019 show. 
2019 CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancel rooms between November 1 – December 31, 2018 with no penalty. Cancel rooms after December 31 and you will be charged one night’s room rate + tax for each room you cancel.
Minneapolis Map (with hotel locations)

BE WARY OF HOTEL SCAMS: It has come to our attention that several third party housing wholesalers (under different names but almost always from Nevada) have been calling and/or emailing exhibiting companies to try to book their rooms. This company is NOT affiliated or endorsed by MPF and we urge you not to give this company any of your personal information. MPF also did not share your contact information with this company.  

We have heard of instances at other conventions where attendees have used these firms, paid money, and showed up at the convention, only to find no room has been reserved and the hotel has no record of any reservation.

Sample Email 

Some company names that have been used include Global Housing Corp. and The Convention Housing Authority. These companies often change names on the fly to stay one step ahead of authorities.

The only company authorized to book rooms for MPF is the MPF Housing Bureau, operated by staff of Meet Minneapolis.