2022 MPF Proceedings

Individual speaker papers of the 2022 MPF Convention Proceedings are posted below – alphabetical by speaker last names. Click on the linked speaker name to download the PDF file.

Not all speakers submitted Proceedings papers. If you are interested in a particular Proceedings that you don’t see below and/or slide deck of a speaker, please email your request to ldurben@midwestpoultry.com

Elizabeth Bobeck Iowa State University
Dianna Bourassa Auburn University
Alamanda Calvert Biomatrix International
Steven Clark Huvepharma, Inc.
Erin Cortus University of Minnesota
Paul Goeringer University of Maryland
Paul Goeringer University of Maryland
Anup Johny (pre-harvest) University of Minnesota
Anup Johny (processing) University of Minnesota
Mickey Leonard University of Minnesota
Michael Lilburn Ohio State University
Maja Makagon University of California, Davis
Rosemary Marusek University of Minnesota
Connie Mou Danisco Animal Nutrition
Paul Patterson Penn State University
Yuko Sato Iowa State University
Janice Swanson Michigan State University
Tom Tabler University of Tennessee
Laura Tensa Cargill