2018 MPF Proceedings

Individual speaker papers of the  2018 MPF Convention Proceedings are available complimentary (below) to all registered attendees and exhibitors. Click on the linked title to download the PDF file. (If a title isn’t highlighted as a link, that means the speaker did not submit a paper.

If you are interested in a particular slide deck of a speaker or if you have any questions, please email ldurben@midwestpoultry.com.

MPF & NCADC Joint Poultry Nutrition and Health Symposium
Dr. Michael Lilburn, Chairperson, Ohio State University
Dr Curtis Novak, Industry Partner, Purina Feeds

The Brave New World of a Poultry Nutritionist |  Mr. John Halley, Cargill

Protozoal Diseases – Status of Coccidiosis and Blackhead  |  Brian Jordan, University of Georgia

Antibiotic Rearing and Diet Programs in Europe  |  Bart Swart, Royal Agriform Group

Simmering Issues Workshop
Dr. Ken Koelkebeck, Chairperson, University of Illinois
Paul Brennan, Industry Partner, Indiana Poultry Industries

Egg Industry Statistics & Challenges of Transitioning to Cage-Free Egg Production | Mr. Maro Ibarburu, Iowa State University

The Use of Antibiotics in the Poultry Industry | Dr. Hector Cervantes, University of Georgia

How Social Media & Online Opinions Affect Consumer Attitudes | Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Animal Agriculture Alliance

Broiler Production Workshop
Dr. Jon Moyle, Chairperson, University of Maryland
Dr. Carrie Cremers, Industry Partner, Pilgrim’s Pride

Gut Health & Coccidiosis | Dr. Audrey McElroy, Texas A&M University

Water Quality & Cleaning Lines |  Mary Katherine Foy, Proxy-Clean Products

Animal Welfare  | Karen Christensen, Tyson Foods

Turkey Breeder Workshop
Dr. Julie Long, Chairperson, USDA-ARS
Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Industry Partner, Hybrid Turkeys

Turkey Breeder/Hatchery Challenges: Present and Future | Gerald Duncan, Cargill

Troubleshooting AI on the Turkey Breeder Farm | Dr. Murray Bakst

Measuring Turkey Breeding Success   |  Tom Knapp, Hybrid Turkeys

Turkey Grower Workshop
Mr. Ron Kean, Chairperson, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Brian McComb, Industry Partner, Elanco

Getting the Most Out of Your Diagnostic Lab  |  Saad Gharaibeh BVM, PhD, Dip ACPV, UM-VDL MN Poultry Testing Lab

NPIP Biosecurity Principles  |  Dale C. Lauer DVM, Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Paying Attention to Detail – Raising Turkeys Without Antibiotics |  Mr. John Menges, Best Veterinary Solutions

Pullet/Layer Health Workshop
Dr. Yuko Sato, Chairperson, Iowa State University
Dr. Eric Gingerich, Industry Partner, Diamond V

Gut Health Investigation & Intervention in Layers |  Dan Wilson, DVM, Wilson Veterinary Co.

Key Global Health Issues in Cage-Free/Organic Laying Hens | Ian Rubinoff, DVM, MPH, DACPV, Hy-Line International

Internal & External Parasite Control Methods for Egg Layers | Ivan R. Alvarado, DVM, Merck Global Business Unit-Poultry

Meat & Egg Processing Workshop
Dr. Dong Ahn, Chairperson, Iowa State University
Mr. Brian Joyer, Industry Partner, Sparboe

Improvement of Chilling Efficiency & Product Quality of Broiler Carcasses Using Subzero Saline Solutions for Chilling  |  Dr. Ike Kang,Cal Poly State University

New Uses of Egg Proteins | Dr. Jianpin Wu, University of Alberta

Woody Breast in the Poultry Meat Industry | Dr. Casey Owens, University of Arkansas

Organic and Speciality Poultry Production Workshop
Dr. Jacqueline Jacob, Chairperson, University of Kentucky
Mr. Nick Levandowski, Industry Partner, Organic Valley

Cleaning & Disinfecting on an Organic Poultry Farm |  Dr. Gregory Martin, Pennsylvania State University

Algae Products in Organic Poultry Diets |  Dr. Lizza Macalintal, University of Kentucky

Ventilation of Poultry Houses with Outdoor Access |  Dr. Brian Fairchild, University of Georgia

Turkey Health Workshop
Dr. Robert Beckstead, Chairperson, North Carolina State University

The Future of Coccidiosis Control in Turkeys | Steven Clark, DVM, Devenish Nutrition

Animal Welfare & Audits in Turkey Production | Ms. Collette Kaster, PAACO

The current status of Turkey Reoviral Arthritis / Tenosynovitis | Rob Porter, DVM, University of Minnesota

Pullet & Layer Egg Production Workshop
Dr. Ken Anderson, Chairperson, North Carolina State University
Mr. Brent Swanson, Industry Partner, Elanco

Vaccines | Katie Schlist, DVM, Forsman Farms

Genetic Selection & Paper 2 |  Frans Van Sambeek, Hendrix-Genetics, Hendrix-Genetics

Cage-Free Production | Erika Blair, Big Dutchman USA

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