Exhibitor Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations for PEAK 2023 are now open.

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View the hotel bocks, room rates, and map locations here

Note: PEAK’s block at the Hilton Minneapolis Hilton Hotel will be extremely limited (for PEAK 2023 only) due to other events in the city. This block will sell out quickly so do not be surprised if it doesn’t show up as an option when you book.

Once hotel blocks are sold out, we will institute a waiting list via the same hotel reservations link. We have been very successful in years past with accommodating requests on the waitlist but it is not a guarantee. We encourage you to add your name to the waitlist and seek out back-up hotel options while you are waiting to hear back. 


Links to PEAK’s hotel blocks are included below. These hotels may have some rooms available outside PEAK’s contracted blocks, once PEAK hotel rooms are sold out.


Here are some additional options close to the Minneapolis Convention Center that can be utilized once MPF’s hotel blocks are sold out. You can view a full hotel guide from Meet Minneapolis here.

BE WARY OF HOTEL SCAMS: It has come to our attention that several third party housing wholesalers (under different names but almost always from Nevada) have been calling and/or emailing exhibiting companies to try to book their rooms. These companies are NOT affiliated or endorsed by MPF and we urge you not to give these companies any of your personal information. MPF also did not share your contact information with these companies.

Many of these companies cannot guarantee a reservation because they do not have contracts for room blocks with MPF hotels. They will contact a housing wholesaler to see if anything is available to resell to you.

Even legitimate wholesalers cannot knowingly book show attendees into the show block. Only the official show housing provider (MPF Housing Bureau from Meet Minneapolis) can book within our room block. If the hotel determines that an attendee has been solicited or contacted by a wholesaler, they may increase the room rate to match or exceed the group rate or the reservation may be cancelled. A rate quote from a room broker is not a guaranteed rate.Rooms booked through unauthorized housing companies most often are to be fully prepaid. Rather than a one-night or no deposit, an unauthorized company may require non-refundable payment of the full cost for the entire stay for each room booked at the time of booking.

NEVER give your credit card information unless you are 100% certain you know who is on the other end.

PEAK will not be able to assist attendees and exhibitors who have reserved rooms outside the block if problems result from booking through an unauthorized company.

The only company authorized to book rooms for PEAK is the PEAK Housing Bureau, operated by staff of Meet Minneapolis.