Exhibitor Planning & Logistics

Exhibitor Planning & Logistics

Rules & Regulations PDF (coming soon for 2022)

Here's more info in our Social Media Toolkit! Find MPF's social media accounts and share fun facts about the convention.

COMING SOON: A shared link that includes a variety of graphics files and logos to download and utilize in your marketing! 


Invite your customers to the show - or even pay for their registration! Make it easy for them to want to attend and visit your booth. Click here for sample email language you can use and here for a fun promotional video you can share (either copy the URL or embed the video in your email or website) with customers! 

 You can also fully download the video file here

To learn more about the MPF Exhibitor Priority Points system, click here.


Exhibitor Portal: Once you apply for booth space and your contract is accepted by MPF, your company will receive a link and a unique login to your own “Exhibitor Portal” where you will find the information you need to participate as it becomes available, including the following: 

  • Booth staff registrations (open now!)
  • Register your customers (pay for their registrations – must be a “Farmer-Processor”)

Please also provide your company information for use on MPF’s website, mobile app, and other published locations, including:

  • Company overview
  • Website
  • Upload your company logo
  • Social media platform(s)

You will also find a copy of your exhibitor booth contract and payment(s) made.

*Be Wary of Third Party Scams*

All confirmed exhibitors receive the attendee contact list after the current convention is complete. You will ONLY receive this list via email from Midwest Poultry Federation. Be wary of third party companies trying to scam you into purchasing what they will call a list of attendees from the MPF Convention. MPF’s attendee list is never sold to third party companies. 

Also, hotel reservation information will only come from MPF. Any other emails or calls are companies that are not affiliated with MPF and we advise you do not book rooms through those third party services, which are often scams to get your credit card information.