Purina Animal Nutrition Symposium

Purina Animal Nutrition Symposium will be held virtually in partnership with Midwest Poultry Federation. There is no additional feel to attend this event.

Date: May 19 (all times are CST)

Moderator: Dr. Curtis Novak, Purina Animal Nutrition

8:00-8:40, Nutritional strategies to manage feed ingredient changes – Dr. Reza Poureslami, Purina Animal Nutrition

8:40-9:20, Litter management in ABF production – Dr. Connie Mou, Jones-Hamilton

9:20-10:00, Market update on feed ingredients– Wyatt Johnson, Land O’Lakes, Inc.

10:00-10:40, Choosing the right non-antibiotic feed additive for meat type poultry – Dr. TJ Gaydos, Gaydos Technical Services, LLC

10:40-11:20, Vaccination Programs for Optimized Protection, Performance, and Egg Quality – Dr. Mark Mouw, WilsonVetCo

11:20-12:00 A practical application of microbiome data for solving poultry production challenges – Dr. Nicholas Evans, Purina Animal Nutrition