2019 MPF Proceedings

Individual speaker papers of the 2019 MPF Convention Proceedings are posted below. Click on the linked title to download the PDF file. (If a title isn’t highlighted as a link, that means the speaker did not submit a paper.

If you are interested in a particular slide deck of a speaker or if you have any questions, please email your request to ldurben@midwestpoultry.com

MPF & NCADC Joint Poultry Nutrition and Health Symposium

Co-Chairs: Dr. Michael Lilburn, Ohio State University and Dr. Curtis Novak, Purina Feeds

The Role of Mechanistic Theory in Delaying the Development in NSPases  |  Dr. Mike Bedford, AB Vista

Development and Evaluation of Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs) for Use in Poultry Diets Potentials, Limitations, and Realities  |  Dr. Chris Pixley, Novozymes

The Potential Impact of Slow Growth Broilers on the Resources, Infastructure of the Poultry Industry |  Dr. Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky

How Do Coccidiosis Challenges Influence Lipid Digestibility and Energy Utilization? | Dr. Sam Rochell, University of Arkansas

Turkey Health Workshop 

Co-Chairs: Dr. Robert Beckstead, North Carolina State University and Michelle Kromm, CVM, Jennie-O Turkey Store

Updates from the National Turkey Federation Turkey Health Task Force | Dr. Kabel Robbins, Butterball

Salmonella-Related Updates from the Turkey Industry  | Ms. Lisa Wallenda-Picard, National Turkey Federation

Get the Most From Your Diagnostic Laboratory  |  A Field Perspective from Dr. David Rives, Zoetis; and a Diagnostic Lab Perspective from Dr. Rebecca Wilkes, Purdue University

Organic and Speciality Poultry Production Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Jacqueline Jacob, University of Kentucky and Mr. Nick Levandoski, Sunnyside Hatchery, Inc.

Raising Pullets in Alternative Systems for Optimal Production | Danielle Botting, DVM, Hy-Line North America, LLC

Management of Internal and External Parasites of Outdoor Organic Poultry Flocks  |  Fred Dustan Clark, DVM, University of Arkansas

Essential Oils: Alternatives for Organic Production and Processing  |  Dr. Anup Johny, University of Minnesota

Pullet/Layer Health Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Yuko Sato, Iowa State University and Dr. Eric Gingerich, Diamond V

Spotty LIver Disease / Campylobacter Hepaticus  |  Daniel Shaw, DVM, University of Missouri

Egg Drop Syndrome (Adenovirus 127) in Layers   |  Sherrill Davison, VMD, University of Pennsylvania

Gallibacterium anatis  |  Kelli Jones, DVM, CEVA

Turkey Breeder Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Julie Long, USDA-ARS and Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Hybrid Turkeys

PMV 3 in Turkeys  |  Dr. Seiche Genger, Cargill

Egg Production in Turkey Breeding Hens Driving Causes of Lowered Egg Production  |  Ms. Kristen Brady, University of Maryland

Using Egg Breakouts to Improve Hatch and Poult Quality  |  Dr. Michelle Behl, Select Genetics

Simmering Issues Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Ken Koelkebeck, University of Ilinois and Mr. Paul Brennan, Indiana State Poultry Association

NPIP Biosecurity Plans: Resources, Tools, and How to Have Success by 2020  |  Ms. Abby Neu, University of Minnesota

Indemnity and Compensation in an Avian Influenza Incident  |  Dr. Hengngi Fidelis, USDA-ARS

Trade and the Poultry Industry  |  Ms. Demeteris Hale, USDA-ARS

Meat & Egg Processing Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Dong Ahn, Iowa State University and Ms. Myah Walker, Sparboe

Salmonella Prevention Strategies and Influences of Sampling Method Selection  |  Dr. Dianna Bourassa, Auburn University

High-Value Utilization of Eggshell Membrane from Waste to Medicinal ProductsArticle 2  |  Dr. Xi Huang, Huazhong Agricultural University

Reduction of Salmonella enterica and Campylobacter jejuni on Chicken Parts by Improving the Killing Effect of Service Decontaminating Solutions  |  Dr. Aubrey Mendonca, Iowa State University

Broiler Production Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Jon Moyle, University of Maryland and Dr. Carrie Cremers, Pilgrim’s Pride

First Weeks of the Flock  |  Dr. Brian Fairchild, University of Georgia

Hot Weather and Tunnel Ventilation  |  Dr. Dennis Brothers, Auburn University

Current Trends in Broiler Litter Management  |  Dr. Joe Hess, Auburn University

Turkey Grower Workshop

Co-Chairs: Mr. Ron Kean, University of Wisconsin and Dr. Brian McComb, Elanco

The Effect of Stocking Density on Turkey Tom Production and Welfare  |  Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner, University of Saskatchewan

Hot Weather Management  |  Ms. Christy Puffenbarger, Aviagen Turkeys

Footpad Dermatitis in Market Turkey Hens – Bird Density and Bedding Material Relationships |  Dr. Sally Noll, University of Minnesota

Pullet & Layer Egg Production Workshop

Co-Chairs: Dr. Ken Anderson, North Carolina State University and Mr. Brent Swanson, Elanco

Growing Pullets for a Cage Free System  |  Ms. Lisa Timmerman, Hendrix-Genetics

Interpreting Titer Results  |  Keith Honnegar, DVM, Elanco

Best sample collection practices for poultry diagnostic test for traditional and new testing methods  | Kristin Roza-Sutherland, DVM, IDEXX Laboratories