2020 MPF Proceedings

Individual speaker papers of the 2020 MPF Convention Proceedings are posted below. Click on the linked title to download the PDF file. (If a title isn’t highlighted as a link, that means the speaker did not submit a paper.

If you are interested in a particular slide deck of a speaker or if you have any questions, please email your request to ldurben@midwestpoultry.com


Chairs: Dr. Mike Lilburn, The Ohio State University and Dr. Curtis Novak, Purina Animal Nutrition

Gut Health in Poultry Production | Marcos Rostagno, DVM, Phytobiotics North American LLC

Fatty Acids in ABF Poultry Production: A Nutritionist’s Perspective | Dr. Reza Poureslami, Purina Animal Nutrition


Chairs: Dr. Robert Beckstead, North Carolina State University & Mr. Ron Kean, University of Wisconsin

Management Best Practices: Small Details can have the Biggest Impact | Mr. Peter Gruhl, Hybrid Turkeys

Turkey Diagnostic Case Exercise | Drs. Robert Porter, Saad Garaibeh, Elise Gerken, University of Minnesota and Jennie-O Turkey Store

Determine Feed Additive Efficacy | John Boney, Ph.D, Penn State

Effect of Feed Form on Turkey Performance | Dr. Marcus Kenny, Aviagen Turkeys

Protozoal Management in Turkey Production | Ms. Elle Chadwick, North Carolina State University

Aspects of LED lighting: turkey behavior, performance, and well-being | Ms. Brooke M. Bartz, North Carolina State University

What You Need to Know about Raising the Modern Turkey | Mr. Ira Brister, Aviagen Turkeys

Recent Trends in Avian Pathogentic E. Coli, Clostridium Perfringens, and Salmonella in Turkeys | Dr. Theresia Lavergne, Arm & Hammer


Chairs: Dr. Ken Koelkebeck, University of Illinois, and Dr. Darrin Karcher, Purdue University

The 30,000-foot View of U.S. Egg Industry – It’s Not Looking Good | Mr. Chad Gregory, United Egg Producers

The Current State of Pullet and Layer Health Status in the U.S. | Eric Gingerich, DVM, Diamond V

Outcome-Based Measures for the Layer Industry | Mr. Larry Sadler, United Egg Producers

Common Gut Health Challenges in Laying Hens | Anita Menconi, DVM, Evonik Corporation

Management of Ectoparasites in Cage-Free Housing Systems | Dr. Cassie Krejci, MGK

Keel Bone Fractures in Commercial Poultry: What we Know | Dr. Prafulla Regmi, NC State University

Euthanasia of Spent Hens | Mr. Ryan Moyle, Hen, Inc.

Air Intake and Ventilation House Design for Cage-Free Layers | Mr. Jorn Rinia, Tulderhof Ventilation and Welfare


Chairs: Dr. Jon Moyle, University of Maryland & Dr. Zac Williams, Michigan State University

Back to Basics | Dr. Jon Moyle, University of Maryland

Litter Amendments | Ms. Amy Syster, ChemTrade Logistics

Water Quality in Broiler Facilities | Dr. Susan Watkins, University of Arkansas

Ventilation of Broiler Facilities | Mr. Michael Czarick, University of Georgia


Chairs: Dr. Deana R. Jones, USDA Agricultural Research Service & Dr. Manpreet Singh, University of Georgia

AMS Egg Facility Sanitation Overview | Mr. Jeff Hendricks, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

Which Came First: Sanitation or food safety? | Dr. Deana Jones, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Pre-Harvest Interventions and Implications on Safety of Turkey Processing | Dr. Anup Johny, University of Minnesota

Value-Added Poultry Products (White Striping) | Dr. Harshavardhan Thippareddi, University of Georgia

Poultry Meat Safety Hot Topics – Dr. Manpreet Singh, University of Georgia

Focus on Exporting | Ms. Lisa Picard, National Turkey Federation; USA Poultry & Egg Export Council representative (Mary Alice Cain, Greg Tyler, or Jim Sumner); and Mr. Larry Sadler, United Egg Producers


Monitoring Water Quality on Layer and Turkey Farms | Dr. Susan Watkins, University of Arkansas

Potential Power Savings with Variable Speed Tunnel Fans | Mr. Michael Czarick, University of Georgia


Precision Farming Part 1: Utilizing IoT Software and Artificial Intelligence | Mr. Simon Cohen, VP, M-Tech Systems / Mr. Zur Fabian, Exec. VP Diversified Agriculture

Precision Farming Part 2: Leveraging the Integration of Smart Devices | Mr. Zur Fabian, Exec. VP Diversified Agriculture / Mr. Simon Cohen, VP, MTECH Systems

COVID-19 Impact on Egg and Turkey Markets | Dr. Maro Ibarburu, Egg Industry Center and Dr. Thomas Elam, FarmEcon LLC

A New Framework for Internal Communications for Farmers and Food Producers | Ms. Hinda Mitchell, Inspire PR Group

Basic market outlook & hedging strategy | Commodity Ingredients Hedging

Feed opportunity with Hemp | Mr. Andrew Bish, Hemp Harvest Works and Bish Enterprises

How to Take Advantage of a Research & Development Tax Credit for Farm Owners and Agribusiness | Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns, alliantgroup