Journal of Nutrient Management

Journal of Nutrient Management reaches U.S. farm and ranch owners and managers, custom manure handlers and applicators, extension and government agencies, laboratories, suppliers, associations, and others allied to large beef, dairy, hog, and poultry operations.

Published with the highest commitment to editorial quality, integrity, and service, Journal of Nutrient Management is a full-service media resource providing continuous overview, study, and coverage of manure handling, storage, and application.

The quarterly magazine’s reader profile includes 23,000 U.S. dairy, beef, swine and poultry concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) where nutrients, wastewater, and organic by-products are collected, stored, treated, digested, or composted for soil application and bio-gas production.

Journal of Nutrient Management represents the only U.S. media channel completely focused on this market. In addition to the magazine, a suite of digital marketing options are available on the website, an email newsletter, programmatic and social media channels.